A short history of the Academy, 1927 - 1940

The International Academy of the History of Science can legitimately trace its origins to the winter of 1927-1928. For in the issue of the journal Archeion for November-December 1927 appeared Aldo Mieli's first appeal to his colleagues working in the history of science for an active and organic participation in the business of the international organization for history in general. (Aldo Mieli, 1879-1950, was at that time a Professor in the University of Rome ; political circumstances forced him to move to Paris, then to Argentina, where he died.) The VIth Congress of the Historical Sciences was then in preparation by a committee formed in the United States (The International Committee of Historical Sciences) for assembly at Oslo in August 1928. The steps taken by Aldo Mieli resulted in the establishment, within the framework of the Congress, of an International Committee of the History of Science, to which its progenitor was already attaching the name of Academy.
In a century within which everything to do with science ages very rapidly, fifty years give the International Academy of the History of Science a respectable antiquity and justify the fifth Permanent Secretary in speaking as its historian. To recall the essential elements in a chronicle which has ill resisted the test of time, to report the most important facts - such are the two poles of this memoir in aid of glancing backwards, which the historian intends always to be useful.

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