Edition of the correspondence of Johannes Hevelius

The edition of the correspondence of the illustrious astronomer Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687) is a joint venture of the International Academy of the History of Science and the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw and Krakow) under the auspices of the Union Académique Internationale (UAI) which granted it its patronage in 2013 (project n ° 84).
It is headed by Chantal GRELL (International Academy of the History of Science) and Jaroslaw WŁODARCZYK (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw).
The volumes are published by BREPOLS International Publishers in the De Diversis Artibus (DDA) series, a collection of works of the International Academy of the History of Science, directed by Robert HALLEUX.

Three volumes have appeared:
I. Prolégomènes critiques (Dir. Ch. GRELL), 2014, 654 p.
II. Chantal GRELL, Correspondance avec la cour de France, 2017, 538 p. (Gobert Medal of the Institut de France)
III. Chantal GRELL, Correspondance avec Pierre des Noyers, secrétaire de la reine de Pologne, 2020, 736 p.

Three volumes are to be published:
IV. Maciej JASINSKI, Correspondence with Stanislas Lubieniecki, in press (2021)
V. Noël GOLVERS, Correspondence with the Jesuits, in preparation, 2023
VI. Jaroslaw WŁODARCZYK, Correspondence with Maria Cunitia and Theodor Löwenstein, in preparation, 2023.

The introductions to volumes I and II (Chantal GRELL) and IV (Maciej JASINSKI) have been published in Polish in a special collection called Bibliotheca Heveliana, edited by Jaroslaw WŁODARCZYK. The Polish translation of the introduction to volume III is in preparation. The translations are the work of Igor KRASZEWSKI.

For any information on the project, please contact
Chantal GRELL : chantal.grell@gmail.com
and Jaroslaw WŁODARCZYK : jaroslawwlodarczyk@wp.pl