The Collection of Works of the International Academy

From 1948 to 2021, the Academy published 107 volumes in its Collection of Works. Volumes 1-30 have been published by various publishers, Volumes 31-37 by E. J. Brill, Leiden. In 1998, Emmanuel Poulle and Robert Halleux inaugurated a new series under the title De Diversis Artibus (DDA), published by Brepols International Publishers, in Turnhout, Belgium. The detailed list can be found on the Brepols website.

The De Diversis Artibus collection is directed by Robert Halleux and Jan Vandersmissen, with the collaboration of Erwin Neuenschwander for the mathematical sciences. It publishes highly erudite works on the history of science and technology, covering all fields, all periods, all cultural areas. It specializes in the editions of unpublished texts and correspondences and aims to become at Brepols the counterpart of the Corpus Christianorum for the history of science and technology. It also publishes thematic collections and collections of Mélanges in honor of members of the Academy.

Manuscripts must be sent in electronic and paper version to the collection director (Robert Halleux, 113 boulevard Voltaire, 75011, PARIS, ). Monographs must be written in French or in English, the working languages of the Academy; collective works may contain contributions in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. The management does not decide on projects, but on final manuscripts, ready for peer review which is carried out by four independent experts.